you can search for “Villa Metasequoia”on Google Maps


16-83 Shiratani, Makino-cho, Takashima City, Shiga Prefecture

Get off at Sawa'' on Route 161 and head towardsMakino Kogen.”

Pass through the Metasequoia trees and head towards Shiratani Onsen. Pass by Makino Shiratani Onsen Hachioji-so, cross the Hachioji River, enter Chojuen, turn left at the end, and the white house will be on your right.


There is a parking space on the opposite side of the balcony.

You can park 2 regular cars.

*There are gutters on both sides of the building. (Mountain water is flowing) Please be careful not to fall when parking.

The region experiences heavy snowfall during the winter months from December to March, so if you come by car, please be sure to use studless tires.

Using buses and trains

From Kyoto
JR Kosei Line Special Rapid (bound for Tsuruga) 1 hour 5 minutes, get off at Makino Station

From Tsuruga
27 minutes to Himeji via JR Kosai Line, get off at Makino Station

Bus from Makino Station

Makino Northwestern Line 18 minutes, get off at Shiratani Chojuen, 3 minutes walk
Makino Kogen Line 27 minutes, get off at Makino Shiratani Onsen, 6 minutes walk

Check availability

Accommodation fee

Reservations from the homepage are advantageous. You can make a reservation using the form below.

We also offer repeat discounts, so please let us know the name you used when making a previous reservation.

Private rental fee per night

1-2person / 20000 yen

3person / 28000 yen

4person / 36000 yen

5person / 40000 yen

6person / 44000 yen

Linen & cleaning fee / 4,000 yen

Fridays, Saturdays, and the day before holidays: per 1 parson / +1000 yen

High season:per 1 parson / +1500 yen

High season( Golden Week: 4/26-29, 5/2-6 Obon: 8/11-16, New Year’s holiday: 12/23-1 /2)

Additional fee

Pet fee per pet / 1,500 yen

Electric plate BBQ set / Free (Please apply when making a reservation.)

Charcoal BBQ set / Free (Please apply when making a reservation.)

※Please prepare your own charcoal, ingredients, and seasonings.

cancellation charge

100% on the day
The day before – 1 week before 30%


[Weekdays] When staying with 2 adults : Total cost: 24,000 yen (tax included) 12,000 yen per person

Breakdown: 2adults 20,000 yen + linen & cleaning fee 4,000 yen = total 24,000 yen

[Weekdays] When staying with 6 adults (capacity)charcoal BBQ: Total cost: 48,000 yen (tax included) 8,000 yen per person

Breakdown: 6adults 44,000 yen + linen & cleaning fee 4,000 yen = total 48,000 yen

[Saturday] When staying with 6 adults (capacity)charcoal BBQ: Total cost: 54,000 yen (tax included) 9,000 yen per person

Breakdown: 6 adults 44,000 yen + Saturday fee 6,000 yen + linen & cleaning fee 4,000 yen+ = total 54,000 yen


If you apply using the form below, we will send you a quote.

If you are satisfied with the price, please reply “I would like to make a reservation”. We will send you the payment address, so please make the payment.

Payment Method

*Please make payment by bank transfer via paypal within one week after the reservation is confirmed.
If you make a reservation less than a week before the reservation date, please be sure to make the payment at least 3 days before the reservation date.
Please note that if we cannot contact you and confirm your payment within 3 days of your reservation date, we may cancel your reservation.

After confirming your payment, we will provide you with check-in instructions, including a PIN number for handing over your keys.

Basically, it is a self check-in. If you would like to check in face to face, please feel free to let us know.

Services for tourists from overseas

Free/ We will help you with pick-up at the station and support during your stay.

Additional/ sightseeing tours are also available. You can also organize a tour according to your wishes.

For example, I can drive with you to your desired location, sightsee, do some shopping, and then return to accommodation.

We can offer half-day to full-day tours. You can also go to various places together without making any plans.


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    You can freely use the IH pot and takoyaki machine.