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About heating in winter

air conditioners

In winter, if you use the air conditioner in conjunction with other equipment, the breaker is likely to trip, so please use a gas fan heater or hot carpet.

You can use the air conditioner or electric blanket when sleeping to make your stay more comfortable.

Notes on gas

If the gas fan heater is used continuously for more than 720 minutes (12 hours) or the water heater is left on for more than 60 minutes, the gas supply will be shut off for safety reasons.

When using it, please stop it within the specified time and use it again.

BBQ space at balcony

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about bedroom

Futons are available on the second floor for up to 4 people.

In winter, electric blankets into to the futon. Please use it.

When making a reservation over the 4 people, please use the sofa on the first floor. It can be a double bed.

Pull the strings on the sofa to change to the bed.

futon will be provided under the sofa, so please take it out and use it.