Villa Metasequoia is an inn where you can stay with your dog.

You can relax in the great outdoors and enjoy BBQ.

There are also Metasequoia trees, Makino Plateau, and Kaizu Osaki nearby,convenient for sightseeing.

Makino Kogen Onsen Sarasa and Shiratani Onsen are also nearby, so you can enjoy a hot springs.

Villa Metasequoia

This is a private inn located in a quiet villa area that can be used privately in the midst of nature.

There is also a hot spring nearby, so please relax.

Things to be careful about

*We ask for your cooperation in keeping the property clean and observing the minimum manners so as not to damage the property or cause a nuisance to neighboring residents.

Villa Metasequoia

Stay with your Dog

You can stay with your dog.

Please feel free to use the items below.

  • dishes for dogs
  • pee sheet
  • soft gauge

If you are staying with your dog, please follow the rules below:

How to enjoy each season

Spring:cherry picking in Kaizu Osaki

Summer:lake bathing, blueberry picking

Autumn:Autumn leaves of Metasequoia trees, collecting chestnuts

Winter:skiing & snowboarding/hot springs

If you would like to BBQ, please be sure to read the rules below. ↓